Automatic inventory management has raised revenue

Automatic inventory management has raised revenue

Reduce consumption by 20-40%, prevent inventory backlog, and improve the accuracy of inventory forecast. AC lets you determine the root cause of your inventory problems and actively prevent them from happening in the first place. AC software can process automatic purchase orders. AC eliminates the huge burden of inventory management so that employees can focus on what they are best at, value-added production and working with customers. 6-Zone inventory management

AC is a very flexible high volume system with compact memory. It has six areas that can provide you with reconfigurable shelves or optional sliding doors. Therefore, it is easy to manage large or small projects on a single machine. It is applicable to all kinds of consumables, such as hard alloy inserts, safety supplies, batteries, welding heads, sprays and general MRO projects. It also applies to durable goods such as aerial tools, cordless drills, flashlights and toolkits.

You will never have to repackage your items. You can put your inventory directly into the machine.


Next generation industry vending machine – object recognition!

The VC can actually see if the tool is there. It can even detect small objects like a. Allen wrench in 050! No rfid tags are required! VC USES AC advanced proprietary value-added tax (visual analysis technology). We developed this really innovative system for the military. This is a great solution for FOD (foreign object fragmentation) control, but it can be used in any application, where 100% of the tools and other items must be returned and explained.

VC is the most effective tracking system for tracking problems and the return of tools at work. It checks the entire tool tray edge. It knows when the tool is not in the right place. It can tell the difference between a tool that looks almost the same and something that shouldn’t be in a tray.