ASRS solutions

More flexibility

The vertical lift module (VHLM) system provides greater flexibility than other ASRS solutions. Unlike a large ASRS system, a complete overhaul of the VHLM system in the warehouse or production area is required, which is modular and easy to implement. This means that you can easily integrate into an existing system or gradually expand your automated storage solution at different stages. The modular structure allows you to change the height of your unit to meet future needs and protect your investments.

The senior-level, licensed access control tracks warehouse transactions to specific employees. Employees assume responsibility and “own” the project. Control the costs of employees or departments.

No need to repack

Vertical lift storage system is a very flexible inventory system. You don’t need any special case or product carrier. You can use existing boxes, totes, and dustbins.

High reliability

Our patent wide extracter is very simple to use in storage and recovery tray design. With the decrease of moving parts, our system has outstanding reliability in the long-term 24/7 operation, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced.


The MC

Automate your existing tool room or storage area. Give your tool room and store service staff the largest mobile and real-time communication with the database. Mobilec rib provides tool rooms and shop assistants

You can use buttons to scan barcode and RHFID tags and perform the most common transactions using this handheld device. Users can move freely without being tethered to a computer terminal, and can perform extensive data input.

Automatic or unattended cribs or a running system:

  • automated tools crib inventory and tracking
  • Windows Mobile platform
  • live trading
  • maximum flow

Cost and use reports, plus a complete procurement and receiving system.

The mobilec rib USES communication software (client/server or network-based The software provides a smart dashboard that can see key metrics on a screen. More than 200 reports are preloaded.