AL FX is the first and only automatic latch system

The design of the market is completely modular. This platform

Let you build a custom configured lock storage system to meet unique requirements

Your company.

Modular design

You determine the frame size, controller box, locker size, power supply (optional) and network switch (optional). There are 12 different sizes of lockers for you to choose from.

The storage container module has six “high increments, standard 24” depths and various widths that can be blended and matched to provide customized solutions.

Smart and easy to use

Through bright LED lights, users can quickly identify what they want and then release it through an intuitive touchscreen user interface. Multi-state LED status lights quickly identify objects on the floor and the status of objects in the locker.

The power charging

AL FX also offers optional 110v power outlets so that the battery’s tools and equipment can be charged in the locker. In addition, the system will manage the charging time and always allocate the project at the maximum cost. Electronic tools (laptops and ipads) can also be charged for managing virus definitions and operating system updates.


The industry is best

RFID portal for inventory management.

You can even use it to protect your existing tools, crib, tool cage, clamping crib, specification crib, or storage area.

Reduce your inventory consumption by 20-40%

By optimizing inventory and increasing accountability, the rewards you can get are stunning. Smart ports have temporarily and permanently reduced inventory spending.

Smart ports use advanced measurement calibration software to track your gauges by calibration dates, number of days on the floor, and the number of cycles

It runs or any combination of these factors and more. It maintains a complete history of all your instruments to ensure timely alignment and compliance with your lean, six sigma and ISO quality standards.