The ACRDS (remote distribution station) is an industrial vending machine that starts all this. Imitate but never repeat. RDS is good for storing 70 sku. It is a perfect machine that provides you with high value, fast movement, and key inventory items 24 hours a day while maintaining full responsibility.

Our standard 12.1-inch touch screen makes it easier to select and distribute more information than ever before. If you are a growing company and want to upgrade from day one, then RDS is a good start.

Each RDS and gold eye ™ standard, the industry’s best authentication system! Golden eyes ™ to prevent double drop in at the same time avoid the plague other systems. The secret is our laser detection system and precise control that you can’t see anywhere else.

  • 24-7 usability – security and reliability
  • configuration: standard 60 SKUs (unique products) can be extended to 70 sku
  • a touch screen with a full keyboard
  • hand-held barcode scanner – use pickpockets to quickly distinguish similar items. Simply scan the barcode
  • the ability to use conditional items first

, golden eyes ™ – laser validation issues and the gas motor control to prevent double decline and the project lead to inventory error

  • full user access support – support for close range CARDS, key fobs, mag-stripe, barcode, and keyboard/pin
  • reconfigurable – spiral coil configuration with 60 coils of various sizes is standard. An extra shelf will add 10 coils. Each coil can accommodate 6-30 projects (a total of 2,100 projects)
  • general search – search for any project scope
  • multiple languages – support for other languages

Attachment: 41 (104 cm) x72 “W” H (182 cm) x38 “D” (96 cm)

  • power: 100-240vac – 50/60hz, 3A / 1.5a MAX
  • 12 months warranty

AC is to deliver the next generation of industry automatic sales VC object recognition technology. The AMTB (automatic multi-user toolkit) is a FOD (foreign object debris) control of good solution, but it can be used in any application, of which 100% of tools or other items must be returned and explain.