AC RHDS (remote dispensing station)

The system is far superior to other systems that use optical sensors, weight switches or rfid tags on the market. In VC, you don’t need to use RFID tags or use only special modification tools.

Never again unaccounted for the tool

Immediately know when a project has not been explained

More importantly, know who owns it, and when it comes out,

What it does. It ensures your tools

It’s 100%.

Quick inventory check

A new generation of VC has completed the complete tool list in 15 seconds. Verification is achieved through three different characteristics: contour matching, high resolution pixel count and color pattern matching.


AC RHDS (remote dispensing station) is the most advanced spiral coil machine in the market. It is built for a high demand industrial environment.

  • high quality industrial design – RHDS has solid design

And high quality internal and external components that make it better than any other machine on the market. It can also promote heavier items, and ordinary machines will be difficult to move.

  • up to 70SKUs (standard 60sku) – has more unique products than most machines on the market. We also offer wide selection of coil types for different sizes of products.
  • you can attach an automatic control system. There are 10 criteria

The size of the locker. Power and LAN optional.

  • TV – the optional touch screen makes it more user-friendly and more capable of extending the machine. Use RHDS TV and you can add a secondary machine to increase your capacity.
  • automatic identification – use of complex electronic eyes to prevent trapped objects and double drops.
  • pick-sheet barcode scanner – by scanning what you want on the page to distinguish the same items.
  • advanced inventory software-force regrinds first,kit manager, specify the number of problems, multi-location tracking, and the ability of the department, work, tail, customer number and other overhead data tips. A lot of customization and utility functions, so that you can effectively manage inventory and cut expenses.